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Labstep Academy šŸŽ“

Courses covering everything Labstep from A to Z!

The Labstep Platform

All the information you need to ensure a smooth experience on the platform.


Missed our latest webinar? No worries! Find all our webinars here, on-demand, 24/7. Our webinar series started in January 2022.

Labstep Best Practice & Guides

From our team, with love. We have compiled best practices for process consistency, collaboration and growth using Labstep.


Everything you need to know about the Protocol and Experiment modules.


Import your inventory, perform stock checks and track lineage in just a few seconds.

Instruments & Devices

Learn how to book devices and send files from your lab devices to Labstep.

Order Management

Simplify ordering and procurement processes with our order management module.

Tools & Integrations

Flexibly integrate with other research software and connect your own instruments with the Labstep API.


Some of your most frequently asked questions answered. Can't find what you're looking for? Contact us, we'll be happy to help!


Features we offer to ensure your data is secured at all times.

Release Notes

Love Labstep and want to know even more? Here are our monthly Release Notes detailing product improvements and new features!

Getting started with Labstep

How to create an account, change your password or log into Labstep using your existing institute/university log-on details.