Find out how you can quickly transfer ownership of content to another member or your workspace. Please note you can only do this if you are the 'Owner' of a workspace. To learn more about workspace permissions, check out this article.

Transferring ownership of content:

  1. Navigate to the content of your choice

  2. Click on the vertical ellipsis next to your icon

  3. Click on 'Transfer Ownership'

  4. Select which workspace you wish you transfer the content to

  5. Click on 'Transfer Ownership'

Labstep team tip: If the transfer fails, there is a possibility that you are a 'Can view only' member and therefore are not allowed to perform this action even if you are the owner of the content within your workspace. To transfer this content, you will have to request permission from either your organisation's admin or the workspace's owner.

A GIF showing how to transfer ownership of a content to another workspace

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