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Release Notes: November 2019 (Part II)
Release Notes: November 2019 (Part II)

Workspace improvements, transfer ownership of content, choose a home workspace and more!

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Workspace Improvements

Are you using multiple communication channels to get your research done? Labstep workspaces lets you communicate in the context of any project - collaborate on experiments, manage inventory, connect to your favourite tools and share files - all in one place and accessible on any device. The recent changes makes managing your projects and groups with workspaces even easier.

Workspace Data

"Where did I save that file?!" is something we never want you to say when using Labstep. Whenever you add a file to an experiment, protocol, etc. the file will appear in the workspace "Data" repository module. This can be searched directly meaning that you can find the file without finding the content first. You can also add files directly to the "Data" module to be used later. Files uploaded to the workspace are now owned by the workspace.

Organise your workspace with tags

Tags are a great way to organise your project or group. Tags are now workspace specific and are available to all workspace members. To filter your content by tags, select the filter button on any index page.

Set your home workspace

If you are focusing on a particular project, you can now set the workspace its in as your home workspace. Now every time you sign in and view content shared with via share link, you will be taken to your home workspace.

Choose your workspace cover photo

Personalise your workspace and maker it easily recognisable by setting a workspace cover picture. To do so, navigate to your workspace settings page and select "Upload new cover photo".

Transfer Ownership

Accidentally created content in the wrong workspace? You can now transfer the ownership of content so that the right users have control.

Other fixes/additions:

  • Locations are now workspace specific and are available to all workspace members.

  • New users can name their first workspace, add a description and invite collaborators as a part of the onboarding flow.

  • Workspace settings can now be found in the primary navigation bar.

  • User settings, profile and sign-out can now be found if you click on your avatar in the top right.

  • You can now set the workspace permissions for all users. The options are view or edit.

When you are logged in, click the question mark icon to connect to one of our customer support officers where you can make feature requests.

Alternatively, click the link to the Labstep’s public roadmap to request a feature.

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