You can assign experiments to multiple, different members of your Workspace using the 'Assign to' feature. This is useful when you want to collaborate with others on an experiment entry, delegate work or notify a colleague to complete their part of the experiment workflow. 

Assigning an Experiment to a Workspace member:

  1. Navigate to the Experiment entry

  2. Click on the vertical ellipsis next to the experiment's name of your choice

  3. Click on 'Assign to'

  4. Select the collaborator(s) you want to assign the experiment to

  5. Click on 'Done'

  6. Assigned colleagues will be notified through an in-app notification and/or email

Labstep team tip: You can follow the same process to assign any other content to a workspace member.

A GIF showing how to assign an experiment to a workspace member

Managing my assigned experiments

Others may assign you to an experiment entry. In the experiment overview list, filter experiments by those assigned to you to manage your work by clicking on 'Assign to me'.

A GIF showing how to use the assign to me filter

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