Best Practice Series: Scalability

Our top tips to facilitate the onboarding of new users on Labstep, no training needed!

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Labstep wants to grow with your business as it grows, so we have put functionality into the platform to structure your expansion in-app. From checklists to connected devices automatically uploading data, we want to help you reduce administration time and structure your data input easily and efficiently.

1. Completion Checklists:

Completion Checklists enable mandatory fields to be defined and filled out before submission. These must be completed in order for a user to submit their experiment for signatures. The Completion Checklist will inform the user of any unspecified resource/item/amount or incomplete steps/data fields.

A screenshot of the complete checklist

2. Connect Devices and Data:

Automatically upload data from devices to Labstep when files are created using the Labstep Device Client. This creates a short cut way to upload data and have files ready to use in experiments, cutting out the need to move/replicate files to other folders/individually uploading.

A screenshot of the Labstep Device Client

3. Collections and Sub-Collections:

Create a nested hierarchy of folders to organise your protocols and experiments. Break experiments down into project or team folders to structure work and ensure when others create experiments, they file them. This ensures the workspace remains uncluttered and as more experiments are created, these are easier to find.

A screenshot of where to find subcollections

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