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Our top tips for better collaboration with Labstep

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In a remote and virtual world, Labstep is providing a platform for researchers to share and collaborate within and between teams across the globe.

Here are our top tips for collaborating:

  • In the same workspace

Everyone can see and share all experiments, protocols and resources within that workspace

  • If you have different workspaces:

Workspace Owners can bulk-share protocols and experiments between workspaces (e.g Protocol Library - Vertical ellipsis - Share)

On the Share menu, there is an option to select View/Edit Permissions. If you would like users to be able to make changes to the experiment/protocol, giving them edit permissions will enable any change they make in their workspace to apply to your workspace copy.

Workspace Owners can auto-share between workspaces (Workspace Settings - Sharing - Auto-sharing). If users are creating experiments/protocols in their own workspaces and you want a team to have access to them, this can be shared automatically.

  • Multiple workspaces, one inventory

If you have multiple workspaces that would like to access the same inventory, create a workspace solely for inventory and invite all users that share this inventory to the workspace. Users will be able to access the inventory within their own workspace, but only one workspace will need to be updated.

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