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Using the Labstep Folder Watcher
Using the Labstep Folder Watcher

Step-by-step guide on how to set up the folder watcher to sending data to Labstep from your devices

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The Labstep Folder Watcher provides a straightforward way to automatically upload your data files onto Labstep for safekeeping to allow you to keep all your research in one place. The article will take you through the process of setting up the Folder Watcher to post files to your Experiments page.

Installing the Labstep Folder Watcher:

  1. Download the latest version of the Folder Watcher from here (mac) or here (windows)

  2. Double-click to install the Folder Watcher.

  3. Once it's installed, click on 'add folder'

  4. Enter your Labstep API key when prompted

  5. Pick a folder to watch on your computer

  6. Whenever a file is added to your watch folder, it will ask you whether you want to upload it to Labstep.

Labstep team tip: If you're using a Mac and it is not letting you open the Labstep Folder Watcher, find out how you can override it here.

A GIF showing how to install the Labstep Folder Watcher

Labstep team tip: If you don't want to be prompted every time, you can click 'always upload', and files will be uploaded automatically.

A screenshot showing what will be prompted when a file is detected

Adding a file from the Folder Watcher:

From the notebook entry

  1. Use the Slash command

  2. Type "Data"

  3. Select "File/Image"

  4. Specify "Input" or "Output"

  5. Click on "From Folder Watcher"

  6. Select the file you want to attach to your experiment

  7. Click on "Select File"

From Notes

  1. Go to the Notes section of an Experiment or a Protocol

  2. Click the + icon

  3. Click on "From Folder Watcher"

  4. Select the file you want from your recently uploaded file(s)

  5. Click on "Select File"

Troubleshoot for Mac users

You might get this message when trying to open the Labstep Folder Watcher:

To solve this, please follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Preferences

  2. Click on Security & Privacy

  3. Click on "Open Anyway"

  4. Click on "Open"

Stopping the Labstep Folder Watcher:

  1. You can stop watching the folder at any time by clicking the 'X' next to each folder.

  2. If you close the window, the folder watcher will remain open in the background. To reopen the window or quit the app, right-click on the icon in the system tray.

A screenshot showing where to click to cancel the folder watcher

A screenshot showing where to quit or open the folder watcher on mac
A screenshot showing where to quit or open the folder watcher on windows

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