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Release Notes: March 2021
Release Notes: March 2021

Custom Item Export, Stock Check Feature, Signature Request Improvements.

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Following on from last month's theme of inventory management, this month we released even more features to make managing your inventory on Labstep even easier!

We also made some improvements to the signature request feature to better facilitate approval and sign-off processes.

Custom Item Export

You can now generate a customised export of your inventory items, based on a filtered search and with as many relevant metadata fields as you want from both the resource and the item!

You can also include the QR code url to allow for bulk printing of QR code labels. For help getting set up with your label printer contact

Stock Check Feature

You can now perform a stock check of your locations just by scanning the QR codes on the items!

If an item isn't where it should be you can quickly correct it.

[animate output image]

Signature Request Improvements

  • You can now filter experiments by their signature status: either 'Unsigned', 'Requests pending' or 'Signed'.

Top tip: Combine the 'Unsigned' filter with the 'Created by me' and 'Complete' filters to give you a list of experiments that you might want to request signatures for.

  • You can now request signatures in bulk for multiple experiments.

  • For reviewers, you can now also filter for experiments which need a signature from you in a single click.

  • We've also added little icons on the experiment index (next to the status icon) to indicate whether an experiment has been signed and / or locked so this can be quickly assessed from the list view.

  • We also added the ability to customise the default message of both the request email and the signature statement.

  • You can now enforce Two Factor Authentication for all signatures in order to be compliant with FDA Title 21 CFR Part 11.

Note: this feature is only available to Organisations with the Two Factor Authentication feature enabled.

Something missing? If there's a feature you'd like us to add, reach out to or use the in-app chat function.

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