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Release Notes: February 2021
Release Notes: February 2021

Inventory upgrades and more!

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The major theme of this month's release was inventory management, including many highly requested features such as:

  • Low stock alerts

  • Maps and box views for locations

  • Import items with locations

  • Item view for inventory

We also made it even easier to refer to the resources used in your experiments and protocols.

Low Stock Alerts

You can now set a custom threshold on your resources. When the number of available items falls below the threshold it will trigger an alert.

You can also set alert thresholds for the amount remaining on individual items.

Set alert thresholds on templates to save time.

In your notification settings customise whether you want to be notified about all low stock alerts or only resources / items you've been assigned to. Choose to be notified by email or via the web app.

Import Items with Location

You can now specify the location of items when you create them to save you time.

Location Maps

You can now visualise your locations to show the position of sub-locations or items within them to help you find your items faster.

Item View for Inventory

You can now see and search through all the items in your inventory across different resources in a single view.

Adding Materials to Experiments / Protocols

We've made some changes to how you add materials to experiments and protocols to make it quicker and easier.

You will no longer be required to give the material a name. Instead you can match to a resource from your inventory straight away.

If it's a variable material such as a Sample or Primer that changes each time you run the protocol - don't worry! You can still add a Descriptor label to identify the slot without having to select a resource. The Descriptor can also be used as an abbreviation when referring to the material in the document.

Box Integration

This month we also released an integration with the cloud storage provider Box. You can now link files from your Box account into your experiments and protocols.

Something missing? If there's a feature you'd like us to add reach out to or use the in-app chat function.

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