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Release Notes: January 2020 (Part III)
Release Notes: January 2020 (Part III)

Signature statements, Request signatures from colleagues, add multiple signatures per experiment and revoke signatures.

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Track your review processes with the "Review" tab

Enforce processes and reduce risk by adding / requesting signatures and witness statements to your experiment. You can add and request signatures from within the "Review" tab.

Adding signatures

You can now add as many signatures as you like to an experiment. When you select "Add Signature" you will be given the option to add a statement to the signature. Signature statements help make sure that everyone involved with the experiment understands why you have signed and at what part of the review process.

Request signatures

Request signatures from colleagues with the "Request Signature" button. Specify their email and add a message so signee understands the request. We will then email them with your message and a link to the experiment. If they are already using Labstep, they will also be notified.

Revoke signatures

If you believe that a signature is no longer valid or was made by mistake. The signee and the experiment owner can revoke signatures by selecting the "Revoke" button. The signature will not be removed for compliance reasons but the status of the signature will now be "Revoked".

Want to request a feature?

When you are logged in, click the question mark icon to connect to one of our customer support officers where you can make feature requests.

Alternatively, click the link to the Labstep’s public roadmap to request a feature.

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