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Release Notes: July 2021
Release Notes: July 2021

Inline File Preview, Referencing, Sub-collections, Protocol Preview, Stock Tracking Improvements, Partial Received Status for Requests

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We released lots of new features this month based on your requests!

Inline File Preview

You can now view PDFs and Office docs directly in your protocols and experiments. Just click on the pill for the file and click 'View Inline' to convert it into an inline file. It will then remain an inline file every time you view the protocol / experiment.


You can now insert references to existing elements such as steps, tables, and data fields.

Insert a shortcut to take you back to a previous step, or skip to a future step.

Refer back to a table used earlier in the protocol and open it directly for editing.

Reference data elements in your discussion so someone can quickly click to see the context.

Protocol Preview

You can now open protocols in a pop-out window without leaving the entry. No more navigating back and forth between the two!


Create a nested hierarchy of collections to organise your protocols and experiments in more ways!

Stock Tracking Improvements

You can now see whether or not the stock has already been deducted from items for each of the materials used in your experiments. This will help reduce error and make it easier to track stock levels.

Partial Received Status

We know suppliers don't always deliver everything they are supposed to on the first delivery! You can now track this on Labstep with a "Partially Received" status on your order requests. We also display how many items have been added to the inventory out of those originally requested.

Something missing? If there's a feature you'd like to see in the next release reach out to or use the in-app chat function.

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