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Release Notes: November 2019 (Part I)
Release Notes: November 2019 (Part I)

Resource import is back, create resource items from order requests and more!

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Resource import

The Labstep Inventory helps lab members track where things are located, amount in stock, and any useful information like DNA sequence, or chemical formula. Add your imported resources to your protocols and experiments to keep accurate records and your inventory up to date. You can now easily import all your inventory resources from a .csv or Excel file. 

Order received? Add the new items to your inventory

The Order Request feature is a great way to keep on top of all your resource requests and purchases. Once a requested resource has been received, "Select" add items to inventory to quickly and easily keep your stock levels up to date. Other lab members will then have access to them to use in their Labstep experiments.

Other fixes/additions:

  • If I select run on a protocol, the experiment created will also have been started. 

  • You are now able to have blank metadata fields and values.

When you are logged in, click the question mark icon below your avatar to connect to one of our customer support officers where you can make feature requests.

Alternatively, click the link to the Labstep’s public roadmap to request a feature.


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