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What are open and closed Workspaces?
What are open and closed Workspaces?

A guide on how to manage who can have access to your workspace

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Make your workspace accessible for an entire organisation or make it invite only for projects that require confidentiality. Please note, this help article only applies to users who are part of an Organisation. To upgrade your account, please contact our sales team.

Adjusting access settings for your workspace:

  1. To access your workspace settings click the gear icon in the menu on the left-hand panel

  2. Click on 'General' to access the workspace restriction settings

  3. Toggle the invite only icon to disable/enable anyone from your organisation to join the workspace

  4. Adjust the 'Default Permissions' given to new members who join

Labstep team tip: Only the workspace owner can enable or disable the access restriction. If you are not the workspace owner and want to create content only a limited amount of people can have access to, we recommend you to create a personal workspace and enable the 'Invite Only' option. Please note, anyone who is an organisation Admin, will be able to view and manage this workspace regardless of the restrictions you have set.

A GIF showing how to manage the access settings for your workspace

Accessing your organisation overview:

All workspaces within your organisation will either be open or closed.

  1. To access your organisation overview, click your profile icon

  2. Click on 'Organisation'

  3. This will take you to your organisation overview, where you can see the workspaces and users within your organisation

Labstep team tip: Open workspaces can be joined directly, whereas a closed workspace will require an invite from the workspace owner, or for your organisation Admin to manually add you. You can easily recognise a closed workspace by the lock icon next to its name.

A GIF showing how to view the workspaces list within your oganisation

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