What are permissions and roles?

The ability of a user to carry out actions, such as editing protocols or deleting other users timeline posts on Labstep is determined by what permissions they have been granted. Instead of assigning each new users individual permissions, users are assigned a role which corresponds to a particular set of permissions.


How a user can interact with individual pieces of content (experiments, protocols and resources) on Labstep is determined by whether they have OWNER, EDIT or VIEW permissions. 

OWNER permissions allows the user to edit, share and delete content. For example, if a user creates a protocol they are then able to delete and edit that protocol. 

EDIT permissions allows the user to edit but they cannot share or delete.

VIEW permission users are able to duplicate but are unable to edit, share and delete.

USER Permissions

On sign-up, a user role will be, by default, USER. Users with the role USER have OWNER permission for anything they have created. OWNER can set the permissions for content. Anything that is created under the role of USER will not be accessible to anyone outside of workspace the user is a member of. 

NOTE: If a user has the role workspace OWNER (see below), this user will have OWNER permission for content created by the associated users who have the role WORKSPACE MEMBERS.


A workspace on Labstep is an easy way of sharing protocols and research progress with your lab members. By creating or agreeing to join a workspace, all subsequent timeline posts and created/branched protocols will be shared with workspace members. Project members will be assigned one of two roles: WORKSPACE OWNER or WORKSPACE MEMBER. Creating the workspace will give you the additional role WORKSPACE OWNER. Accepting a workspace invitation will assign you the additional role of WORKSPACE MEMBER. 


Only a WORKSPACE OWNER can invite other members to the WORKSPACE, retract invitations, and remove WORKSPACE members.


Once a user accepts an invitation to join a WORKSPACE they are assigned the role WORKSPACE MEMBER. A user with the role WORKSPACE MEMBER has VIEW permissions for any shared content they did not create. Project members are able to leave a workspace at any time. However, any content they created during as a member of a workspace will still be shared amongst the workspace members. 

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