Labstep gives you the option to share all the content you create and own automatically to other workspace(s), with a simple click. It will take you less time to share your content than to say "Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcano".

Don't believe me? Keep reading and try it out for yourself!

Enabling automatic sharing for protocols, experiments and resources:

  1. Navigate to the chosen workspace

  2. Click on the gear icon in the side bar, you will now have access to the 'Workspace Settings'

  3. Click on 'Sharing'

  4. Toggle the 'Auto-Sharing' button

  5. Toggle any of the 'Protocols', 'Experiments' or 'Resources' buttons to enable automatic sharing of each of the respective content types that you create and own, with this workspace.  

Labstep Team tip: You can repeat this process with any number of workspaces you own. This way, any inventory item you create is automatically shared with multiple workspaces! Please note, this will only work with content you have created and have ownership of. If you create content in a workspace that you do not own, that content will NOT be shared to the workspace where you have enabled automatic sharing.

A GIF showing how to enable auto-sharing in a workspace

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