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Can I have guests in my Organisation?
Can I have guests in my Organisation?

An additional option to invite individuals to view your Organisation, such as external partnerships and collaborations.

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NB: Organisation management and Custom Roles & Permissions are premium features. If you'd like to upgrade your account from a freemium account, please get in touch with us.

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User Roles (Organisation)

Organisations have 3 distinct types of users: Admin, Member, and Guest. Here's how each type of user is different.

Admin Users

Admin users are responsible for the administrative side of the organisation. They have access to all workspaces and organisational settings.

Member Users

Member users are the day-to-day users of the organisation. They have access to workspaces they are added to and open workspaces, but not all. They can also create workspaces. Their permissions at the workspace level will depend on their selected role.

Guest Users

Guest users have restricted access, meaning they cannot see other workspaces or create new workspaces. This is mainly for external partnerships and collaborations.

Setting up the Guest role

As an Admin of your organisation, you can manage users' roles and permissions at both the organisation and workspace levels. To do so:

  1. Go to your organisation's page

  2. Navigate to the users' list

  3. Click on their role – if they're not on the list, you might need to invite them first

  4. Select "Guest"

Labstep team tip: This role is at the Organisation level and not at the workspace level. You can add them to a specific workspace and use our Custom Roles & Permissions feature to granularly monitor what they can and cannot do in a workspace.


It is important to remember that the addition or removal of a user will affect your billing, even if they are a 'Guest' user. With that in mind, if you are concerned about the total amount due for your next payment, please don't hesitate to contact us via, and we will be happy to provide more information.

As a reminder, our support team is available 24/7, so whatever your question or issue, we are here to help.

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