3. Account Settings & Hidden Features

Setting up account, creating your API key and other hidden features in the icon drop down menu.

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⚙️Setting up your Profile

You can set up your profile and add any necessary information, such as which days you are in the lab/office or even articles you've written. Your collaborators and members of your organisation will be able to view your profile and anything you've made public there.

Additionally, you can upload a photo and change your name here.

✍️Personal Notes

Personal notes are your private notes that no one else but you can view and manage. It is cross workspaces and is accessible at all times by clicking on your icon. They behave the same way as Notes and are date and time-stamped. If you @ mention someone in your personal note, the user will be able to view this particular note.

💌 Newsletter (Opting In/Out)

You can opt-in or out of our Newsletter and product updates by navigating to your Account Settings.

If you'd like to keep up with our new releases and Labstep updates but emails aren't for you, you can always visit our News Centre or read our Release Notes.

🔑 Creating an API Key

From your account settings, you'll also find an "API" tab. You can create one or multiple API keys. You can use your API keys for things like using our Jupyter Notebooks integration, our Export Client.

For more information on how generating an API key can also help you streamline all of your research, click here.

Knowledge Check:

  • How to set up your profile

  • How to create personal notes

  • How to opt-in (or out) of the Labstep Newsletter

  • How to create an API key

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