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Setting up the Labstep Export Client
Setting up the Labstep Export Client

How to easily export and backup your data regularly to your device

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The Labstep Export Client provides a straightforward way to automatically export your data from Labstep to your device, so you can always have a backup of your work. This article will walk you through setting up the Export Client.

Setting up the Export Client:

  1. Navigate to the Export tab in your Workspace Settings

  2. Download the latest version of the Export Client

  3. Double-click to install the Export Client

  4. Enter your API key

  5. Select which Workspace to create a backup of

  6. Select a folder to back up into

  7. Select the backup frequency (daily/weekly/monthly)

  8. Click on 'Start Backup'

Labstep team tip: You can click on the 'X' to cancel a backup. Hover over the backup for the 'X' to appear.

For Mac Users:

If you're a mac user, you might encounter an error message telling you the Export Client cannot be opened because Apple cannot check it for malicious software.

To fix this, navigate to 'Security & Privacy' in System Preferences and click 'Open Anyway' to begin the installation.

You might have to click on 'Open' again before the installation starts.

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