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Getting started with the Labstep API
Getting started with the Labstep API

A quick guide on how to programmatically create experiments and protocols using the Labstep API

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Creating protocols and experiments...all of this can be done on the Labstep web app!

Programming language: basic level of Python.

Using the Labstep API

Did you know that you can do a LOT programmatically from a script running on your computer? You can streamline all of your research and automate many common lab tasks. Sharing with your group has never been this easy!

Click here to see examples on how to:

  • Authenticate and receive your API key.

  • Create a protocol.

  • Attach steps to a protocol.

  • Run a protocol.

  • Create an experiment. 

  • Attach instrument data to experiments. 

If you need assistance or have some great ideas for the API, please get in touch!

A screenshot of what the labstepPy looks like

Still need help?

Contact us here or start a conversation with a member of our team using our in-app chat.

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