In simple terms, nothing is ever really deleted on Labstep. From Workspaces, Orders, Devices to Experiments, we always want to give you the chance to restore your content at any time, even after 30 days!

If you would like to delete your account, please contact us here.

Tracking edited/deleted content:

Using the activity log, you're able to view who's edited and deleted an experiment, protocol or template.

  1. Navigate to the content of your choice

  2. Click on 'Activity' on the right-hand side menu

A GIF showing where to find the activity log

Filtering and restoring deleted content:

You can use filters to search through content and restore it. This works for all content all across Labstep.

  1. Navigate to the content of your choice

  2. Click on 'Filter'

  3. Select 'Deleted', and the deleted content will be displayed

Labstep team tip: To restore content, select the box next to it and click 'Restore'.

Filtering and restoring deleted Resources/Items:

  1. Navigate to your Inventory

  2. Select 'Resource View' or 'Item View'

  3. Click on 'Filter'

  4. Select 'Deleted', and the deleted Resources/Items will be displayed

  5. Select any Resource/Item you want to restore and click 'Restore'

Labstep team tip: Any metadata added to your resource or item before deletion will be restored too.

A GIF showing how to restore content

Disabled account (s):

As an Organisation Admin, you can easily disable an account and restore it. Please note, disabling an account does not delete it. To permanently delete an account, please contact us here.

  1. Navigate to your Organisation

  2. Click on 'Users'

  3. Click on the vertical ellipsis next to the user you wish you remove

  4. Click on 'Disable User'

  5. Click on 'Disable' again to confirm your choice

Labstep team tip: To enable a user again, click on Filter, then 'Deleted'. The disabled accounts will appear here. You will be able to select the ones you wish to restore.

A GIF showing how to disable an account
A GIF showing where to find disabled accounts

Still need help?

Contact us here or start a conversation with a member of our team using our in-app chat.

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