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Where can I find all of my uploaded files?
Where can I find all of my uploaded files?

A quick and easy guide on where all the files uploaded onto a workspace can be found

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You can upload an unlimited amount of files onto Labstep, just remember we have a limit of 100MB per file!

Finding all your files:

  1. Click on the vertical ellipsis at the bottom of the left-hand side bar menu

  2. Click on 'Uploaded Files'

  3. All uploaded files are available to view and download here

Labstep team tip: You can upload new files from here by clicking on 'Upload File'. Additionally, you have the option to filter through the files by file type or who it was created by. You can also view delete files by clicking on 'Filter', then selecting 'Deleted'.

A GIF showing all the files uploaded within a workspace

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