Uploading Files on Labstep

File/image upload in Protocols or Experiments. Use Data Fields or upload directly to the notebook entry, fetch data from your devices.

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Overview: Labstep makes it easy to upload various file types to Labstep. Not only can you upload to the notebook entry, but you can also reference files in a Data field for increased organisation and workflow consistency. Files uploaded directly to the entry can also be previewed and viewed inline. Additionally, you can fetch data directly from a device with our Labstep Folder Watcher. This feature will automatically pull data from a specified folder and upload it to Labstep.

Please note that the file upload size limit on Labstep is 100 MB.

File/Image Upload:

Upload to the Notebook Entry

You can easily upload files and images directly to Labstep entries with the following steps:

  1. Use the Slash command

  2. Type "File" or "Image"

  3. Select "My Device"

  4. Select your file, then click "Open"

You can now download, preview and view inline your file. Other members with the required Permissions will be able to do the same.

Labstep Team Tip: We recommend linking a cloud storage provider for files larger than 100 MB. For editable files such as spreadsheets, you can edit them in-app as long as they're embedded in the notebook entry. Edits made to the file are synced to the original file too.

Upload as Data Field

You can also upload files and images as Data fields. Here's how:

  1. Use the Slash command

  2. Type "Data"

  3. Specify "Input" or "Output"

  4. Select "File/Image"

  5. Click on "Select/upload default file"

  6. Select "My Device"

  7. Select your file, then click "Open"

Labstep Team Tip: Output data would be captured during the experiment, which can be fetched directly from a data-producing device. When repeating experiments, please note that output fields will be cleared. If you want to keep the data referenced in the field, select "Input" instead.

Labstep Folder Watcher & Data-producing Devices:

Labstep Folder Watcher

The Labstep Folder Watcher lets you quickly and easily upload data from a device or local folder directly to Labstep. After fetching data files from devices, you can also upload any stored in the Labstep Folder Watcher directly, giving quick access to files stored using Labstep.

  1. Use the Slash command

  2. Type "Data"

  3. Select "File/Image"

  4. Specify "Input" or "Output"

  5. Select "From Folder Watcher"

💡 For more information on the Labstep Folder Watcher, including how to set it up, please click here.

Fetching Data from a Device

If you want to upload data from a device to Labstep, you can quickly do this using the Labstep Folder Watcher. First, please make sure that the data you want to upload is recorded successfully and ready on your device. Once this is done, you can then use the Labstep Folder Watcher to extract the data files by following these steps:

  1. Use the Slash command

  2. Type "Data"

  3. Select "File/Image"

  4. Specify Input or Output

  5. Select the measurement Device

  6. When running your experiment, click on "Fetch data from device"

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