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Release Notes: October 2019 (Part I)
Release Notes: October 2019 (Part I)

Easily import your inventory into Labstep

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The Inventory feature on Labstep helps your lab track where things are located, amount in stock, and any important information like safety data, or storage conditions. You can add inventory items to Labstep experiments so you have a record of who used what when.

Users can now upload their inventory in a .csv, .xls, .xlsx file. The headers of the file will automatically be turned into metadata fields. The import can be saved as a type so that a user can create an inventory item with the same custom set of metadata fields.

Alternatively, users can create multiple inventory items with a specific set of metadata in one go by selecting an existing inventory type. Users can fill the item type table manually or paste in an existing table.

Other fixes/additions:

  • Materials tab in protocols

  • Change how we present experiment locking and new version

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