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Release Notes: September 2019 (Part IV)
Release Notes: September 2019 (Part IV)

Introducing inventory items and inventory item types

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Inventory management on Labstep

Monitoring inventory is one of the most important things you can do to optimise your research efficiency. Tracking samples, reagents and equipment can be a mammoth task. By tying in your inventory management process to your protocols, experiments and projects, Labstep makes it easy. Tracking reagents and raw materials used or created in the lab, keeping available stock updated and monitoring consumption can be done on any network enabled device and at any point of the research process.

Create Inventory items types with custom metadata fields to quickly create inventory items with the correct description. Protocols suggest what materials should be used. It is often impossible to use the exact item that was used when the protocol was developed. Now, you can describe the inventory item type in the protocol to tell the protocol reader what type of item should be used.

When the protocol is used in an experiment workflow, you can specify the inventory item used. If an inventory type was described, we will filter your inventory items by inventory item type to make things easy for you.

Other fixes/additions:

  • Tables now expand and collapse.

  • Performance improvements

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