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Release Notes: February 2022 (Part I)
Release Notes: February 2022 (Part I)

Export Client, Referencing (Improvements), Multiple Files per Data Element

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Roses are red. Violets are blue. Here are some new features just for you!

Although we didn’t get you a Valentine’s card or chocolates, I hope these new features and improvements will warm your heart and make up for it! This month we’ll have a two-course meal. Make sure you save room for dessert, as Part II is available here.

On the menu this month:

Export Client

With the Labstep Export Client, you can now schedule regular backups/exports of your data from Labstep to your devices. It includes Experiments and Protocols.

Referencing (Improvements)

You can now reference any Protocols, Devices, and Inventory fields in your Workspace using the @ command, whether in the Protocol you’re currently editing or in the Workspace.

In this experiment’ references an existing element, whereas ‘In this workspace’ adds a new element to the Experiment and then references it.

a GIF showing references improvements

Multiple Files per Data Element

Easily upload multiple files to a single data element in just a few clicks. Either drag and drop or click and select the files.

Please click here for Part II.

Something missing?

If there’s a feature you’d like to see in the next release, let us know here or use the in-app chat function.

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