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Linking Experiments together
Linking Experiments together

Step-by-step guide on how to easily link a previous experiment to a current one

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Reference previous experiments by linking them together from an experiment entry or from 'Linked Experiments'. You'll be able to easily go back and forth between them by clicking on their name. No need to copy/paste URLs anymore!

Linking an Experiment:

  • In the Experiment entry

  1. Navigate to the experiment of your choice

  2. Type / (slash)

  3. Select 'Link to Experiment'

  4. Select which experiment you wish to reference.

Labstep team tip: Click on the referenced experiment to easily access it. Navigate to 'Linked Experiments' to view all the experiments linked to it.

  • In 'Linked Experiments'

  1. Navigate to the experiment of your choice

  2. Click on the 'Linked Experiments' tab in the right-hand side menu

  3. Click on 'New Link'

  4. Select the experiment of your choice

Labstep team tip: You'll be able to view the linked experiment by clicking on its name. Return to your current experiment by clicking on the backlink displayed in the 'Linked Experiments' tab.

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