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Creating an Experiment on Labstep
Creating an Experiment on Labstep

Step-by-step guide on how to create and edit your experiments in a fully flexible single page entry

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The experiment entry allows you to format your experiment report, add results, and create shortcuts to Protocols, Materials or Data elements all in a single document.

To get started, simply double-click anywhere on the entry page.

Creating an experiment:

  1. From the workspace overview or the Experiments tab, click on ‘New Experiment’

  2. Rename your new experiment

  3. You can change its status from ‘Planning’ to ‘In Progress’ or ‘Completed

  4. Add the planned completion date and time if you know it

  5. Click on the icon near your icon to add collaborators to the experiment

  6. Now you can start adding elements to your experiment!

Editing your experiment entry:

  1. You can format your write-up however you like, using multiple levels of headings and the classic text formatting tool

  2. You can add protocols, materials and data by typing / (slash)

  3. You can reference existing elements by typing @ (at sign)

  4. All changes are saved automatically

  5. Once you are done, you can lock your experiment to prevent further changes from happening

Labstep team tip: Make sure it says 'Saved' (near 'View') before leaving the page; otherwise, there is a risk the changes you have made won't be saved.

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