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Release Notes: August 2021 (Part II)
Release Notes: August 2021 (Part II)

Drag-and-drop from protocols into entry, Linking experiments together, default prices for resources.

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You wanted new features and we've listened! Keep reading to find out what we've been working on, click here for Part I.

On the menu this month:

Drag-and-drop from sub-protocols

You can now drag materials and data from the right-hand side menu into the entry.

It allows you to use the entry as a summary of the important data or materials from the entire workflow without duplication. Additionally, you can also use the @ (at) command to reference existing Materials and Data without duplicating it.

A GIF showing how to drag and drop a material or data into a protocol entry

Linking experiments together

You can now reference previous experiments to link them together from the entry or from 'Linked Experiments'. You'll be able to access the backlinks of experiments that reference the current one. To learn more about linking experiments together, click here.

A GIF showing how to link an experiment to the entry

Default Prices for Resources

Save time on order management admin by setting a default price for new requests.

You can see the expected prices for all order requests from the 'Requests' page. You can set and change the currency from there too. A default currency can be set from your Workspace Settings, in the 'Ordering' tab. Viewing the price is especially helpful for the order manager to see if prices are unexpectedly higher when ordering from a supplier.

A GIF showing how to set a default price for a resource

Something missing?

If there's a feature you'd like to see in the next release let us know here or use the in-app chat function.

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