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Release Notes: August 2021 (Part I)
Release Notes: August 2021 (Part I)

Device Booking, Completion Checklist, Input vs Output Data, Specify Resource Category in Materials

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You wanted new features and we've listened! Keep reading to find out what we've been working on, click here for Part II.

On the menu this month:

Device Booking

You can now book devices directly from the Device page. When you book a device, other members from your workspace will be notified and your booking will be added to the device page.

Booking a device

To book a device, please navigate to the 'Instruments & Devices' page and select the device of your choice. From there on, all you have to do is select a time to book!

You can expand the booking page and view bookings per week or day. To learn more about device booking click here.

A GIF showing how to book a device

Completion Checklist

With the Completion Checklist, you can make sure you are not missing anything after finishing an experiment. At the end of an experiment, a pop-up will appear and inform you of any missing data fields or step not completed.

What does it look like?

The Completion Checklist will inform you of any unspecified resource/item/amount, incomplete steps/data fields and if the materials used wasn't deducted from your Inventory. This will appear when you click on 'Finish' after running an experiment. You can click on any highlighted text to navigate directly to the completed/incomplete task. To learn how to enable the completion checklist click here.

A screenshot of what the completion checklist looks like

Input vs Output Data

By selecting 'Input' or 'Output', you can now specify whether a data field is an Input (such as a parameter or experimental condition) or an Output i.e. experimental data collected. When you repeat an experiment, the input fields will remain the same but the Output fields will be cleared ready for the new data to be collected.

  • Input Data

Add data to your experiment or protocol. You can add either a file/image, text, date, date and time, numeric, options, molecule or sequence. Any 'Input' data will be kept should you do a rerun of an experiment.

A screenshot of what the data pop-up looks like
  • Output Data

'Output' data can be fetched from a device, or added to your experiment/protocol entry just like 'Input' data. The 'Data Type' choices remain the same. Please note, the 'Output' data will not appear in your experiment reruns.

A screenshot of the data pop-up looks like

Specify Resource Category in Materials

You can now specify a Resource Category when adding Materials to your protocol. For Input Materials, this will make it easier to find the resource you are looking for each time you run the protocol. For Output Materials, it ensures that any new resources created in your experiment are created in the correct category from the start. Simply click on 'Specify resource category' before selecting a Resource!

A GIF showing how to specify a resource category when adding materials to your experiment or protocol entry

Something missing?

If there's a feature you'd like to see in the next release let us know here or use the in-app chat function.

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