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How do I delete my Labstep account?
How do I delete my Labstep account?

Guidance on how you can delete your Labstep account...forever

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We're sorry to see you go, we hope you enjoyed using our platform. Thank you for giving us a shot, you'll always be welcome here at Labstep!

In order to delete your Labstep account, please get in touch with our Support Team here. One of our wonderful team member will help you fulfil your request.

All of your information and data will be deleted. So make sure you have exported all your files before making the request. After the process has been completed, if you want to rejoin us, you will have to create a brand new Labstep account.

If you think we got something wrong or want to share your thoughts one last time with us, we would love to hear your feedback!

Still need help?

Contact us here or start a conversation with a member of our team using our in-app chat.

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