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Printing QR Code Labels in Bulk
Printing QR Code Labels in Bulk

Step-by-step guide on how to print QR codes in bulk, for items in your inventory

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QR codes are a great way to keep track of your items. They allow you to quickly display the Labstep records for an item where you check its metadata or update relevant information such as its availability, location or amount remaining.

This article will guide you through using Labstep in conjunction with a label printer to print customisable QR code labels for all your inventory items.

You must have exported your data first to follow through with this article. To learn how to do that, click here.

Please note that we currently don’t support barcodes. You would need a different integration for this.

Setting up the Label Template:

To print your labels, you will first need to set up a template to specify what information appears on the label, including the all-important QR Code field.

  • For Brother printers, this can be done with the P Touch Editor software that comes with the printer. See here for more information on how to create a label template with a QR Code.

  • For Brady printers, this can be done in the Brady Workstation software (you'll need the Custom Designer Add-on). See here for more.

  • For Zebra printers, this can be done with the Zebra Designer Pro version. See here.

Importing the Data:

Once you have set up your label template, you will have to import the data from the CSV file you exported.

  • This can be done in P-Touch Editor for Brother printers, as shown here.

  • For Brady printers, see here.

  • For Zebra printers, see here.

Printing the Labels:

The final step is to print the labels and stick them onto the correct items.

After completing the final step, you scan the items with any QR code scanning app, and you will be taken to the item page. From there, you will be able to see and update all of the item's information.

Labstep team tip: You can also use the QR Code to do a stock check in-app on Labstep!

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