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Using the Stock Check feature on Labstep
Using the Stock Check feature on Labstep

A step-by-step guide on how to check your items using QR codes

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With our Stock Check feature, you can perform a stock check of your locations by scanning the QR codes on your Inventory items. If an item isn't where it should be, you can quickly correct it with a single click. Doing inventory has never been that easy! To learn how to print QR code labels, please click here.

Performing a stock check:

  1. Click on the ellipsis ...

  2. Navigate to 'Resource Locations'

  3. Select the location you're currently checking

  4. Click on the vertical ellipsis

  5. Select 'Stock Check'

  6. Click on 'Scan Items'

  7. Scan the Item's QR code

  8. Edit any necessary information, such as availability or amount remaining

Labstep team tip: If you have multiple items to check, click on 'Scan Next Item' instead of 'Done'.

Labstep team tip: If an item is not where it's supposed to be, Labstep will tell you. You'll have the option to either update the Item's location if it's now where you've scanned it or move it to its accurate location and scan it again.

Reviewing the Items:

You can search through the Items list for the selected location and mark them as checked manually. Once all items have been checked, Labstep will let you know!

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