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Exporting items from your Inventory
Exporting items from your Inventory

Step-by-step guide on how to export inventory items as a .csv file

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With Labstep, you can generate a customised export of your inventory items. Before exporting your data, make sure you have added all the fields of your choice. You can add Location, Availability, Amount Remaining, QR code, Resource ID and Metadata fields (customised fields).

Exporting an item:

Select the item(s)

  1. Navigate to your 'Inventory'

  2. Click on 'Item View'

  3. Search or Filter through your items

  4. Select the item(s) of your choice

  5. Click on the vertical ellipsis in the top right-hand corner of your screen above 'New Item'

  6. Click on 'Export'

Edit and export

  1. Add columns for all the fields that you want to include on the label

  2. Add a QR code field if you wish to print QR code labels in bulk

  3. Check the preview to see if the fields you have added are correct

  4. Click 'Export'

  5. An email will be sent shortly with the exported data as a .cvs file

  6. Click on the link to download your data. The link will expire within 7 days of receiving it

Labstep team tip: You can add metadata fields such as lot number or expiry date. However, make sure the typed metadata identifier in the export table is spelt exactly the same way as the one in your inventory.

You should see the values appearing in the preview if the name matches. If the values do not match, it will appear blank.

A screenshot showing what the email with the export link looks like

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