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Adding Items in bulk to your Resources
Adding Items in bulk to your Resources

Step-by-step guide on how to add items in bulk to your resources

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Now that you have created and understood how resources work find out how you can easily add items in bulk with customised metadata. You can add as much metadata as you want and efficiently track your items. You're just a few clicks away from a perfect Inventory!

Creating bulk items:

  1. Navigate to your Inventory

  2. Select the resource of your choice

  3. Click on 'Edit Item Template'

  4. Click on 'Enable Custom Template' and customise your item template

  5. Click on the cross x to exit

  6. Click on 'Add Items'

  7. Enter the number of items you wish to add

  8. Click on 'Submit'

  9. Enter the metadata fields necessary

  10. Click on 'Done'

  11. Ta-da!

Labstep team tip: Apart from 'Name' and 'Location', each additional column will be added as a metadata field on the new items. The header will correspond to the metadata field's name. If you have created an Item Template, the columns shown will, by default, be the same as the metadata fields in it. However, you can add, edit or remove columns as you wish within the spreadsheet.

Using sequence recognition:

"What if I want to call my items aliquot or batch ?"

Well, it's very simple! You can easily add multiple items with similar names thanks to our spreadsheet's built-in sequence recognition. This means that if you prefer to call your item 'Aliquot', you simply have to add 'Aliquot 1' and 'Aliquot 2' for our spreadsheet to recognise a sequence. All you have to do next is highlight the two cells, hover your cursor to the second cell's right-hand corner, and then drag down to the number of cells you want to fill in. That's it!

A GIF showing how to use sequence recognition to import items in bulk

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