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Restoring a Protocol to a previous version
Restoring a Protocol to a previous version

Step-by-step guide on how to set an old version of a protocol to a current version

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Protocol versions allow you to track changes to a protocol entry, but also enables different members to modify a protocol without overriding someone else's work.

By restoring a protocol to a previous version you can reset it as the current/latest version without having to create a duplicate!

Restoring a Protocol:

  1. Navigate to your Protocols library

  2. Select the protocol of your choice

  3. Click on 'Version # – Latest' to view all protocol versions in the change log

  4. Click on the version you would like to restore

  5. Click on 'Restore' next to 'Version # – Legacy'

  6. The restored version of your protocol will now appear as the latest

Labstep team tip: To prevent further changes to a protocol entry, you can create a new version to allow others to add content without editing what you have already done. Your version will be locked and the new protocol version won't override it.

A GIF showing how to restore a previous version of a protocol

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