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Release Notes: December 2019
Release Notes: December 2019

Improved content filtering, easier navigation and new cleaner UI

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Improved content filtering

It is now much easier to organise your work within a single workspace. Your most frequently used tags are immediately available on the new left hand filtering pane. With a single click you can filter content (e.g. experiments) by tag or by the creator. There is also a short cut that allows you to filter experiments based on their completion status.

Both Resources and Order Requests benefit from the new filtering pane. You can quickly search for resources by availability, creator, tag or Resource Category. You can filter Order Requests by their status. Please note, if you want to filter by multiple fields please use the 'Add Filter' button.

Easier navigation

Order requests now have their own button on the main lefthand navigation bar so you can now quickly see the status of requests in your order request list.
Settings for workspaces have been brought into single place under the cog wheel icon on the left hand navigation, member invites can now be found here.

You can now quickly jump between five of your most recently used workspaces by clicking on the title of your workspace in the top right hand corner. If you want to view all your workspaces just click 'All Workspaces' in the drop down menu.

You can also now tag content directly from the list view. Just click the options button on the content item you wish to tag and select 'Add tags'.

New cleaner UI

The left-hand navigation menu has been shrunk to accommodate the new filtering pane. The number of icons in the menu has been reduced to make it less cluttered. The 'What's New' button that tells you about exciting new releases from Labstep can now be accessed by clicking the Labstep icon at the bottom of the left-hand menu.

Have any questions or feedback? 

Email or message one of our customer support officers in-app via the question mark icon.

Alternatively, click the link to the Labstep’s public roadmap to request a feature.

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