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Release Notes: January 2021
Release Notes: January 2021

Introducing Labstep Order Services and other improvements

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Labstep Order Services

In this release we are introducing a new service to save you the time and hassle of dealing with suppliers directly. Simply toggle the switch to enable Labstep Order Services to have your Order fulfilled by a dedicated Labstep Agent.

We deal with the suppliers on your behalf maintaining any special deals and discounts you have and notifying you on the status of each order as it progresses.

Other improvements

Filter Stacking

Filters will now stack when applied from the Filter Shortcuts pane, making it easier to quickly find the content you are looking for.

Restore Protocol Version

You can now restore an old version of a protocol to reset it as the current version without having to duplicate the protocol.

Adding Members to Workspaces

Note: this only applies to users within an Organization

It's now easier to add users from your Organization into the correct workspaces. You can now add them directly without having to send an invitation.

Open vs Closed Workspaces

You can also make your workspaces open to the entire Organization so that anyone can join or keep them as 'Invite Only' for more sensitive projects.

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