Managing your ordering on Labstep

Say goodbye to whiteboards, spreadsheets, and messy email chains. Labstep makes it easy for scientists to request the supplies they need and for lab managers to approve and respond. All in one place and tied directly to your inventory.

While capable of serving as your primary purchasing system, using Labstep for requests does not require you to replace your institutional purchasing system. Labstep is designed to integrate seamlessly into any existing processes.

What is an order request?

When you need something for your research, more often than not, someone else has to do the purchase for you. Order requests are an easy way to detail all the information about an item so that person in your team responsible for purchasing can get you the right thing. The Order request is also used for the purchaser to keep the item requester in the loop. You can add the purchase information, such as PO, shipping information and price paid.

Order request key features

  • Order requests can be shared and duplicated just like experiments, protocols, resources and resource items.¬†

  • The order request will show you who created the request and when.

  • The "Order tab" details the status, requested resource, quantity of items and price. Selecting the resource name will take you to the resource page which has all the specific resource details and history.

  • The "Details" tab is great for adding in the purchase details, such as, PO and tracking number. The details fields are customisable but we provide you with some default fields to get you started.

  • The "Items" tab shows you the items that were received from this request. See below on how to generate these items.

  • The "Comments" tab is a thread for your team to discuss the request.

  • The "Activity" tab shows the full history of the request including the status history.

How to create an order request

There are two ways to create an order request:

  1. On a resource "Request". A modal will appear asking for the quantity you wish to request. Select "Create" and an order request will be created.

  2. Navigate to "Order requests" within the Inventory module. Select "New order request". A modal will appear asking you to select the resource and the quantity you wish to request. You can create resources from this modal. Select "Create" and an order request will be created.

Please note: the person responsible for purchasing in your lab will want as much detail as possible to be able to complete the purchase. The purchaser can use the information associated with the attached resource or the details in the order request.

Tracking an order request: keeping the whole team in the loop

The status of the order request can be adjusted as the order request is processed. The following statuses are available:

  • New (All new order requests will have this status)

  • Approved

  • Ordered

  • Back Ordered

  • Received

  • Cancelled

In addition to order request comments, the status are a great way to keep everyone who has an interest in the purchase up to date. For example, if an order request must be approved before it is purchased, the status of the can the adjusted to "Approved" by the appropriate team member. The full status history, including who adjusted the status is tracked in the "Order Requests" activity. 

How do I add the items received from my order request into my Labstep Inventory?

Once an item has been received, you can add these items into your Labstep inventory so that they can be used and tracked directly from the order request. The following steps show you how:

  1. Navigate to the "Items" tab.

  2. Select "Add items to inventory"

  3. A modal will appear where you can edit the request quantity. The default value will be the same as  quantity detailed on the "Order" tab.

  4. Select "Submit". This will create and add the resource items to the associated resource. The number of items created will be the same as the quantity submitted.

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