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Using the Google Chrome extension
Using the Google Chrome extension

Step-by-step guide on how to use Labstep's Google Chrome extension

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The all-new Labstep chrome extension will enable you to add resources directly from vendor websites to your workspace inventory list. In this help article, we will show you how to install and add your Labstep chrome extension to your browser, how to create order requests and order resources using the chrome extension as well as how to request compatibility with a new vendor.

Installing the Chrome Extension:

You can install the extension to your browser by:

  • Following this link;

  • Searching ‘Labstep’ in the Chrome Web Store

  • Searching ‘Labstep Chrome Extension’ in your google browser

NB: the extension can only be added to a google chrome browser.

Authenticating the Extension:

  • When you have accessed the chrome web store and found Labstep chrome extension, click ‘add to chrome’;

  • You will now see a Labstep logo appear in your browser menu;

  • Click the logo and input your API key to link the extension to your workspace.

To generate a new API key, go to your workspace by signing into your Labstep account;

  • Go to your account setting by clicking on the account image at the top right corner of the screen;

  • Select ‘API’ in the account settings menu and add a new API key or choose your existing API key;

Click your API to copy it and paste into the chrome extension pop-out window to connect your chrome extension to your workspace.

  • To learn how to create an API key, click here.

  • After inserting your API key, you will now be able to add resources from supported sites directly to your workspace inventory at the click of a button.

Adding Resources with Chrome Extension Tool:

  • Open the pop-out chrome extension tab by clicking on the Labstep logo in your chrome menu.

  • Click on one of our supported sites to go to their website.

  • Navigate to a resource you want to add to Labstep.

  • Select ‘create new resource’ in our chrome extension window.

  • Optionally, you can select the resource category you would like to put your resource into and the number of items you currently have in stock.

  • The resource will now appear in your inventory.

Creating Order Requests Using the Chrome Extension:

After creating a new resource, you can make an order request directly from the Labstep chrome extension. To create an order request you will need to:

  • After new resource has been created, click ‘new order request’ in the Labstep Chrome extension

  • Select the number of items you would like to request and click ‘create new order request’

  • Your lab manager will now be able to view the requested resources in the ‘order requests’ of your workspace

Want us to add a new vendor?

If you would like us to add a new vendor to the list of selected vendors compatible with the Labstep inventory management system, you can request a missing vendor:

  • Click on the Labstep chrome extension window;

  • Select ‘missing vendor - click to request’ at the bottom of the pop-out window;

  • Fill in a short request form

If you are interested in having your order requests fulfilled by Labstep contact

Still need help?

Contact us here or start a conversation with a member of our team using our in-app chat.

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