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Using the Ordering Service on Labstep
Using the Ordering Service on Labstep

A complete guide on how to create, edit and place an order using the order service available to all organisation users

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The Ordering Service is a feature that allows you save time by letting a Labstep agent handle part of your procurement process. Please note, this feature is only available to users who are part of an Organisation. To set it up contact us here.

Creating a new Order:

  1. Navigate to the 'Order Management' page (the cart icon in the left-hand bar menu)

  2. Click on 'Order View'

  3. Click on 'New Order'

  4. Click on 'Add to Order'

  5. Select either 'New Order Requests' or 'From Existing Order Requests'

  6. Select an order request to add to your new order

Labstep team tip: You can create a new order from the Order Requests page by simply clicking on 'Add to order' next to an order request's status. You can also select requests to add to an order and specify their prices.

A GIF showing how to create an order

Edit an Order:

  1. Navigate to the Order Management page

  2. Click on 'Order View'

  3. Select the order of your choice

  4. Add/remove Order Requests to your order

  5. Add Metadata Field(s)

  6. Set status for the request(s)

  7. Set the currency accordingly

  8. Specify prices, handling amount, discount and VAT – the subtotal will be calculated automatically

  9. Click on 'Finalise Order' if you have no further changes to make

Labstep team tip: You can add comments by clicking on 'Notes'. Track changes made to the Order by clicking on 'Activity'. You can create an Order Template, with all the metadata fields you want, to facilitate the ordering process.

Enabling Labstep Order Service:

Before using this service for the first time, please contact us here to get set up

  1. Navigate to the Order Management page

  2. Click on 'Order View'

  3. Select the order of your choice

  4. Toggle the 'Enable Labstep Order Service' button

  5. Click on 'Finalise Order' when you're ready

  6. Your appointed Labstep agent will then place the order with the suppliers for you, maintaining any negotiated discounts and updating the status of each request as they progress!

Labstep team tip: Your agent will fill in the pricing details for your records. You can get in touch with them by communicating using the Notes section of the Order.

A screenshot showing where to find the button to toggle

Still need help?

Contact us here or start a conversation with a member of our team using our in-app chat.

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