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Release Notes: October 2019 (Part IV)
Release Notes: October 2019 (Part IV)

Resource categories, autosave for experiment desc, hide/show deleted comments, import/export .xlsx files with Labstep tables and more

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Resource Categories

The items you use to conduct your research often belong to different categories. For example BL3.1 is a Cell Line, while HCl is a Chemical.

Keep track of these different items and the metadata related to each category by using Labstep Inventory Categories. You can create Categories such as Cell Line and Chemical, with custom metadata fields for all of the details you want to track. You may also want to set default values for category metadata fields to help you fill these in later.

When creating Resources, select what category it belongs to be provided with the category metadata fields. You can then select which of these fields you want to add to the resource.

Other fixes/additions:

  • Experiment description now autosaves

  • You can now hide/show deleted results, notes and comments

  • You can import and export .xlsx files into Labstep tables

  • Protocol version number shows in the print view.

When you are logged on click the question mark icon below your avatar and connect to one of our customer support officers where you can make feature requests.

Alternatively, click the link to the Labstep’s public roadmap to request a feature.

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