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Release Notes: May 2019 (Part I)
Release Notes: May 2019 (Part I)

Finding and managing your resources on Labstep just got better!

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Order management and Marketplace

Ordering the right resources for your research can often cause a headache. We've tried to streamline this process by integrating a simple order management with your research through Labstep. 

You can now browse millions of items, from software to chemicals, and add them to wishlists. Wishlists can be exported or shared with projects to make sure the right person knows what you need and where to get it.

Please Note: Wishlists have be changed to Orders

Pagination and sorting

It is now easier to find content on Labstep. You can now quickly jump to the right page of experiments, protocols and resources. 

The sorting feature helps you to arrange all your content whichever way you want it. Simply, select an arrow in the column header to sort.

More cool new features:

Breadcrumbs: quickly navigate back to your previous page. 

Reviews and Ratings: help other Labstep users choose the right products by leaving a review and rating on resources you've used in the market place.

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