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Release Notes: May 2019 (Part IV)
Release Notes: May 2019 (Part IV)

Unleashing the power of collaboration

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A big sharing upgrade

Sharing your research safely with Labstep has just become much easier. In addition to the sharelink, content can now be shared via email to colleagues who are yet to join Labstep.ย 

More control over your content

View and edit permission can be granted to other Labstep users on experiments, protocols and resources for a truly collaborative experience. To make sure the right people see the right content at the right time, you are also able to revoke access to your content.

Go into the detail

Notes, results and comments all have a long text option with formatting. Additionally, we now the support the upload of DNA sequences, including plasmid maps, with the following file formats: .dna, .gb, .gbk. and .fa

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