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Release Notes: May 2022
Release Notes: May 2022

New Powerful Permissions and Improved Search Select

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When it's cold outside, you've got the month of May! But also some new features and improvements from Labstep. For more details on this year's upcoming releases, click here.

On the menu this month:

New Powerful Permissions

You can now customise your roles such that users only have permission to do actions on the content they created themselves or have been assigned to. It's a great way to restrict who has access to certain content and ensure workspaces stay clean and organised to avoid mistakes and inconsistencies. It gives you an extra level of granularity to permit specific individuals to do a particular action on a specific piece of content.

Learn more about these upgrades in our "What's New in 2022?" webinar here.

Improved Search Select

It's now easier to select Resources and Items as you'll be able to view more information such as category, creator, metadata, available items and amount remaining. Additionally, you'll be able to use Filters in your search to find what you are looking for more easily.

That's it for now...

Something missing?

If there's a feature you'd like to see in the next release, let us know here or use the in-app chat function.

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