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What's New in 2022? [40min]
What's New in 2022? [40min]

Our webinar nº4 covers this year's past and upcoming features with special guest Barney Walker, Head of Product.

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Join me in a first-time Labstep event. In this session, you'll hear about product insights, have a sneak peek at our 2022 Roadmap and even get the chance to have exclusive early access to an unreleased feature.

With us in this webinar:

  • Barney Walker studied Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge, combining Physics and Biology, before doing a PhD in Synthetic Biology at Imperial College London. He joined Labstep in 2018 as an intern doing user research and miscellaneous projects and has since occupied many roles within the company, moving from development to design and finally into product management. He now leads the Product Team, where he enjoys thinking about the future of how science could be done and how Labstep can help get us there.

  • Amira Fitzpatrick worked in an agriculture research laboratory before joining the team. She is our new Customer Success Manager, recently hired. She works with clients during the onboarding process and throughout their subscription with us to help them get the best out of the software based on their needs.


  • Q1 Review

  • Feature launch

  • 2022 Roadmap

  • Sign up to join the beta program for an unreleased feature!

At the end of this webinar, you'll have the opportunity to play an essential part in one of our upcoming releases. It is your chance to share your thoughts and feedback and get some key product insights. You'll get the opportunity to learn the thought process behind feature releases!

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