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Release Notes: November 2021
Release Notes: November 2021

Chemistry, Chemistry, Chemistry!

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We hope we haven't spooked you with last month's releases. This November, we kept our ion the prize and implemented Chemistry focused features. So put your safety goggles on and get ready for this month's new releases!

On the menu this month:

For more information on how to use the new Chemistry tools, check out this article.

Chemistry Slash Command

Chemistry has now its very own special slash command! Simply type / (slash) and select 'Chemistry' to navigate to the Chemistry tools. You'll be able to add chemical reaction schemes directly to Protocols and Experiments.

Inline Metadata and Stoichiometry Table

You can view metadata and stoichiometry table inline in Experiments and Protocols. It makes it easier to view metadata such as CAS number or Safety. Additionally, you can edit the stoichiometry table without opening the Chemistry Tools.

PubChem Metadata (Resources)

By adding a chemical structure to your Resource, you'll now be able to view metadata fetched from PubChem directly on the Resource page.

Add Chemistry Structures using PubChem Database

You can now add chemicals to the canvas by searching by name or CAS number. It'll only take you a few seconds, no need to draw complex molecules by hand anymore!

Search Inventory by Chemical Structure

We've added another way for you to filter through your Inventory. You can now search by chemical structure. Simply draw the structure (or copy-paste it) and see similar structures in results!

That's it for now...

Something missing?

If there's a feature you'd like to see in the next release, let us know here or use the in-app chat function.

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