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Release Notes: December 2020 (Part I)
Release Notes: December 2020 (Part I)

Organisation Dashboard

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This week we released a dashboard for managing the workspaces and users within your organisation.

Note: this feature is only accessible if you are the Admin of an Organisation

Managing Workspaces

See an overview of all the workspaces created by all users in your organisation. As Admin you have full owner permission over all the content within the workspaces.

Managing Users

Invite new users to join your organisation. Deactivate users who have left your organisation to prevent unauthorised data access.

Billing Overview

See an overview of your upcoming charges and past invoices.

Additional Settings

  • Prevent members from being able to create New Workspaces within the Organisation.

  • Enable Two Factor Authentication for added security.

  • Enable IP whitelisting to restrict access to company data to specific IP addresses.

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