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Release Notes: September 2020 (Part I)
Release Notes: September 2020 (Part I)

Resource Item Templates, Drag-and-drop into Data Tab

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Resource Item Templates

You can now create templates for your resource items. This makes it much easier to track the metadata of the individual aliquots or batches of your resources.

For example, you could add standard fields such as 'Expiry date', 'Concentration', 'Purity', 'Freeze Thaw Cycles' to the template. You can also add file fields for storing analytics reports or other important documents associated with the item.

Mark certain fields as required to encourage data consistency.

The template can be specified at the category level to apply to all resource in a category or customized for each resource individually.

Drag-and-drop Data

You can now drag and drop files into the Data section of your experiments making it quicker and easier to capture labelled data.

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