1. If you are an academic user navigate to https://app.labstep.com/signup. (If you work for a for-profit company please navigate to the below page instead https://app.labstep.com/signup-enterprise)

  2. Next enter your details into the fields below or click the button 'Sign up with Google' to sign up using a Google/Gmail account. Please note, we advise that you create a strong password that has at least 8 characters and contains a number and a symbol.

3. a) Next you can (optionally) create a workspace. To create a workspace give it a title and a description. if you prefer you can just click skip and then create a workspace later. To find out more about what workspaces on Labstep allow you to do click here 

b) If you created a workspace the next page shown will allow you to invite colleagues. Simply enter their email addresses into the bar and click 'Send'. Once you are done inviting colleagues click 'done'. Please note, you can always invite more people at a later date.

4. You will be taken to the workspace you have created or one will have been made for you if you decided not to create your own earlier on. To invite more colleagues just click the icon shown below and enter their email addresses.

Please note that by default, the workspace created for you will be your 'home' workspace. This is where you be taken each time you log back into Labstep. If you have invited colleagues to your newly created workspace you may wish to create a new workspace that is private to you and make that your home workspace.

To find out more about workspaces please click here

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