A Labstep workspace is a secure digital space where you can share content with other members and get research done. If you don't feel like sharing, workspaces can be used for personal projects allowing you to neatly pull together experiments, protocols and resources. When you're ready to share, workspaces makes collaborating colleagues easy and is a great way to manage a group or organisation.

How workspaces on Labstep work

On Labstep all experiments, protocols or inventory items you create are saved to the workspace you are currently working in. Which workspace you are currently in is displayed on the left hand menu (see image below).

Please note If you are working in a workspace owner by another user that user will have ownership of the content you are creating.

How to create a new workspace

Alternatively, use the shortcut by clicking the down arrow next to the title of your workspace on the top menu bar and then select "+ new workspace".

How to switch workspace 

How to invite members to your workspace to share and collaborate

After you have completed the steps shown in the video the recipient of your invite will receive an email prompting them to click a link. On clicking the link they will be prompted to sign in (or sign up if they don't have an account). Once signed in they will be a member of the workspace they were invited.

Please note
, that you cannot invite lab members to your default personal workspace or a work space that you do not have owner permission for (The 'invite member' button will not be visible). You can identify your personal workspace as it will have a circle avatar above the workspace title on the lefthand menu where as all other workspaces are square.

How to move experiments, protocols or inventory items between workspaces

If you click the adjacent cog wheel icon you can see which workspaces it is being shared with and edit what permission level (i.e. edit or view-only)  the experiment, protocol or inventory item will have in that workspace.

Please note:

  • Protocols and inventory items are shared in the exact same way as shown in the video. 
  • You can share an experiment to as many different workspaces as you like.
  • You can not share experiments that you are not the owner of to other workspaces.

Managing workspace permissions on labstep
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Can't find what you are looking for?

When you are logged on click the question mark icon and connect to one of our customer support officers and they will be able to help you.

Alternatively, click the button below to see Labstep's public product road map. The feature you need could already be coming very soon!

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